How To Shave Your Genitals

Learning how to shave your genitals isn't difficult, but should always be done with a modicum of care. This is a sensitive area of the body, not easily accessible and difficult to see what you're doing. The reason for shaving the genital region is personal for most people and can be done completely or just in sections, depending on the individual's preference.  An intimate partner may want to share in the process to shave your genitals as an erotic stimulant or precursor to sexual encounter.

You will need:

  • Shaving cream
  • Running water
  • New double blade disposable razor/shaver
  • Scissors
  • Mirror (optional)
  1. Trim:  With scissors, trim the pubic hair as close to the skin as possible without cutting the skin.
  2. Dampen skin:  Wet the genital area to be shaved thoroughly with warm water. Shaving your genitals can be done standing in the shower with a foot up on the side of the tub or lying on a bed with a towel under the buttocks to keep bed linens from getting wet.
  3. Apply cream:  Shake the shaving cream container adequately to produce foam. Squirt a generous amount in the palm of your hand and apply to the genital area to be shaved. Allow cream to soften the hair for the approximate time indicated on the container.
  4. Create skin tension:  Pull the skin to be shaved taut. When you shave your genitals area, you must be cautious not to knick the loose skin located around the vaginal opening or the scrotum.
  5. Shave the area:  Slowly and carefully shave from the anus in the buttocks crease on both sides toward the genitals. Rinse the razor from time to time to remove shaving cream and pubic hair. Shave the outer lips of the vagina, the scrotum and around the base of the penis, over the pubic bone and any undesired hair on the inner thighs. Again, remember to rinse the shaver from time to time.

If a partner is helping you to shave your genitals, be sure to give them feedback, as they cannot feel any irritation that you might.

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