How To Shave Your Private Parts

Learning how to shave your private parts can be a painful learning experience if you are not careful. The benefits of shaving your private parts include being able to clean the area better and (according to some) have a better sexual experience. It also eliminates sweat clinging to pubic hair, thereby eliminating unpleasant odors after exertion.  

Items needed:

  • Razor
  • Shaving cream
  • Mirror (optional)
  1. Clean the area thoroughly. Prior to shaving your private parts, feel around the area to ensure there are no growths that might get cut during shaving. Skin tags can appear in this area as easily as anywhere else on your body and can bleed profusely if cut.
  2. Apply shaving cream. Even if you do not use shaving cream anywhere else, you are going to want to use it when shaving your private parts.
  3. Use a razor for sensitive skin because skin in this area is extremely sensitive. Use a new razor to prevent cuts when shaving your private parts.
  4. Shave from back to front. Even if this against the growth of the hair, you can control the razor better in this fashion.
  5. Shave from the outside inward on the sides of your pubic area. If needed, you can hold the scrotum with another hand to get a smoother surface for the razor when you are shaving your private parts.
  6. Rinse off all shaving cream. Check for any areas you missed while shaving your private parts. Repeat as needed to get all hair removed.


  • Using a mirror will help prevent errors.
  • If it is impossible to shave yourself, get help from your spouse, girlfriend or a very good friend.
  • Hair removal can also be done by your doctor.
  • Flat warts can be spread by shaving.
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