How To Ship Shoes

Whatever the reason to ship shoes, know how to ship shoes can be done easily and effectively with common every day items that will save money. Shoes always come with their very own box. This box is a must when you want to store, organize and even ship shoes. By keeping the box to the shoes, money is saved because the need to buy a box to ship the shoes is no longer necessary. However,  something to wrap the shoe box in is necessary. 

  1. Purchase brown freezer paper or take a trip to your local butcher and ask for a few sheets. Another option is to use plan white copy paper but it won't be as durable as the freezer sheets. If you do choose to use plain paper, with clear tape, go all over and around the shoe box, especially the edges, making sure no white paper is exposed.
  2. Place freezer paper on a flat service and position shoe box in the middle. Measure the paper so that there is enough to wrap neatly.
  3. Wrap and tape in place, making sure to get clean sharp edges. Once shoes to be shipped is wrapped, it is time to address the box for shipping.
  4. Write directly on the box or you can make an address label and tape to box.
  5. Take shoes to be shipped to the post office to have it weighed and shipped.


  • Besides freezer paper, duct tape can be used as a manly option. Duct tape the entire box in even strips until box is finished, sealed neatly and ready to ship.. With this method it is best to print and tape the address label. A large index card can be used in place of a printed label. Write address directly on the index card and tape it on top and in the middle of box when shipping shoes.
  • Keep the tissues paper (that comes with the shoes)  inside the box to avoid damage to shoes while shipping.
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