How To Ship Surfboards

Surfboards are very fragile, so knowing how to ship surfboards properly is very important for anyone attempting to send out a board. Because of their size and relative vulnerability to damage, surfboards require planning and patients to properly ship. Still, with the right amount of foresight and precaution, it is easy to ship surfboards without any damage to the boards.


  • Cardboard box
  • Excess cardboard
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Fin key
  1. Box: Finding the right box is an important part of preparing to ship surfboards. A good box will be roughly the same dimensions as the surfboard. Obviously the box should be several inches longer, wider, and thicker than the board.
  2. Bubble wrap: After removing the fins, wrap the entire board in bubble wrap and secure the bubble wrap with packing tape. Never try to ship surfboards without bubble wrap.
  3. Excess cardboard: This is one of the most important steps to ship surfboards safely. Using excess cardboard boxes, cut cardboard strips to the same length as the board and tape these strips to the rails of the board. Next cut blocks of cardboard in the shape of the nose and tail. Tape these pieces to the nose and tail of the board and add extra bubble wrap to this area. These cardboard strips will help you ship surfboards with minimal damage.
  4. Board in box: Place the board in the box. It should not move around or slide much inside the box. If the board does slide, it may be time to add more bubble wrap. If you ship surfboards in boxes that are too large, they are susceptible to damage.
  5. Fins: Wrap the fins in bubble wrap and packing tape and slide them inside the box. It is best to tape them in place so they do not rub against the board.
  6. Stickers: Put fragile stickers on the shipment box.
  7. Carrier: Once the box is packed, you need to choose your carrier. The size of the board along with when and where it needs to be delivered will affect who will ship your surfboard. UPS and Fed Ex are good choices.
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