How To Shoot 3 Pointers

To make yourself a bigger threat on the court you will have to know how to shoot 3 pointers. This allows you to spread out more on the floor and force the defense to react. Once you nail a couple threes, the other team will have to honor your shot. This forces the defense out of the paint and frees up your inside players for easy baskets.

To shoot 3 pointers, you will need:

  • A basketball
  • A hoop
  • Practice, practice, practice
  1. Legs. In order to shoot 3 pointers consistently, you will need strong legs. They provide the lift you will need to give you the power for the shot. Wall sits and squats can help you get them into shape.
  2. Hands. Backspin is very important for 3 pointers plus it makes that cool ‘splash’ sound when your shot is all net. To get a good backspin on your shot, you need to hold the ball correctly. Keep it balanced on your off hand while your shooting hand finger tips lightly position the ball. The ball should not touch the palm on your shooting hand. You want your fingertips to hold a ball the same way a waiter holds a tray. Keep your shooting wrist loose and relaxed for the snap.
  3. Release. When you approach the three point line, you will need to square up to the basket. That means your feet and shoulders point towards the hoop. Hold the ball correctly for back spin and keep your elbow bent in an 'L' shape. Bend your knees, spring upwards with your shooting arm leading. At the top of your arc, fully extend your shooting arm for the shot and let your wrist snap forward to launch the ball with back spin. Always follow through on your shot.
  4. Routine. The 3 pointer is a tough shot in game situations. To be effective you will need to adopt it into your practice sessions. A harsh routine that will mold you into a better shooter is to pick three spots behind the line and shoot five 3 pointers. If you miss, start over and only move on after you have nailed five 3 pointers in a row. When you get a good rhythm and your shots are going in, pick five spots behind the line. You can increase the amount of made shots to ten when you get really good.
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