How To Shoot A Basketball Like Chris Paul

Learning how to shoot a basketball like Chris Paul is a good way to improve your offensive game. Chris Paul is one of the top scoring guards in the NBA today. Though he makes a lot of moves to the basket, his drives wouldn't be as potent as they are without a solid jump shot. Chris Paul's shot forces the defense to pay attention to him on the perimeter giving him the position needed to make those drives to the paint. Learning how to shoot a basketball like Chris Paul will open up an entirely new dimension to your offensive abilities. Here's how you fire from outside like Chris Paul.

  1. The numbers. Statistics don't lie. Chris Paul is very good at what he does on the offensive end of the floor. For the 2009-2010 season, Chris Paul averaged 18.7 points a game shooting 49.3% from the floor and 40.9% from behind the three point line. The guy is only 6'0" tall at 175 pounds. There is a vast majority of guys in the NBA ranks that are bigger and stronger than him. So how has he become such a dangerous shooter. Simple, he's always been one of the smaller guys on the floor during his entire basketball experience, but he's developed a quick release allowing him to get shots off before the bigger guys can swat them.
  2. His form. Chris Paul's shot does not follow the conventional teachings of how to correctly shoot the basketball. His off, or guide hand takes a more important role in his overall shot. Instead of just being there to guide the shot, the ball actually slightly rests on the guide hand. His shooting elbow is not directly under the ball either. It's further out to the side. So, basically, when he raises the ball to shoot, it's raised in front of him in the center of his torso. He also doesn't release the ball as high up as many other shooters do. He releases the ball out in front of him with a push upward and flicking his wrist towards the rim. He only raises his shot slightly over his head. Add all this to a lightning fast release and you'll understand how to mirror his shot better.
  3. The bunny hop. Because he's so small, Chris Paul had to figure out how to get his jumper off very quickly. The bunny hop is a modified version of the jump part of a shot. It's simply a quick elevation off of the ground so he can shoot the ball. Normally most people release their shots at the peak of their jumps to increase the accuracy of the shot while not using too much arm power. Because Chris Paul uses a push shot with a high arc anyway, he doesn't need to elevate too high. He just needs to jump quickly more so for the follow through of the shot. He actually uses more arm power because his shot is a push shot. You want to shoot like Chris Paul, practice quick elevation and an even quicker release.
  4. Moves. Smaller guys have to become deceptive in order to create shots for themselves. Chris Paul shoots as well as he does because he's developed quick and deceptive ball handling abilities to create space enough to get his unique push shot off with limited opposition. You want to shoot like Chris Paul, you're going to need to develop your handles in order to create shots for yourself. Quick maneuvers including step backs, jab stepping and being able to switch your momentum on a dime are what you'll need to quickly make space. Once you develop some decent ball handling skills, getting your shot off will become much easier.
  5. Package deal. Chris Paul is a great shooter because he uses all of his talents at his disposal to get his shot off. He needs all of his skills working in unison to make him such a deadly offensive threat. If you want to become that threat, then you need to develop all of your offensive abilities as well.
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