How To Shoot Craps

Learning how to shoot craps will take a lot of time and give you a lot of enjoyment if you don't go broke in the meantime. Craps, that dice game you've been itching to play, is one of the fastest, most exciting games in any casino. And, there's no more excitement to be had than when you're holding the dice and shooting craps.

  1. In order to know how to shoot craps, you need to know the cast of characters surrounding you at the craps table. The guy with the stick is, not surprisingly, called the stick man. His role is to run the game – you'll hear him call out each number that is rolled, he'll place bets in the middle of the table and he'll point to you and tell the other croupiers (dealers) how much to give you.
  2. If you're going to shoot craps, you'll need to know how to roll the dice. Every time you touch the dice, you can only use one hand. Let two hands touch the dice and you'll hear yells from the dealers to stop. When you roll the dice, the dice should hit the opposite side of the long side of the table. If your dice don't make it that far, you might get away with it once or twice, but you're sure to be admonished.
  3. If you're going to shoot craps, you'll need to make a bet (or two). If you're going to hold the dice and shoot, you need to put at least a minimum bet on either the Pass or the Don't Pass line. Most people who are shooting craps will be with themselves (the Pass line) instead of the casino (the Don't Pass line) although the odds are with the casino.

Learning to shoot craps is much more involved than can be covered in a short article so the best way to shoot craps is to belly up to a loud, rowdy craps table and join it. Ask the dealers questions if you need to, most of the time, they're quite willing to impart their wisdom.

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