How To Shoot Cum

Curious about how to shoot cum? Though it seems intuitive, the art of shooting cum requires preparation and a great deal of practice. Your ability to fire off a mighty load with distance and accuracy depends on your positioning, timing and level of arousal. Following these simple steps will help you on your way to becoming the next Peter North.

  1. Find the position that works best for you. The best way to unleash your load is in a downward or horizontal direction, so the most ideal positions for you to shoot cum are when you kneel or stand over your partner.
  2. Attempt to shoot cum only when you are most aroused. Sometimes your member is not performing at his peak. It is possible to achieve orgasm in a less-than-fully-erect situation, but you will find that your ejaculation will not shoot well. Only an ejaculation when your penis is fully aroused will allow you to unleash your semen properly.
  3. Pull out of your partner before you ejaculate, and masturbate yourself to the finish. Masturbating yourself to the end gives you the best control over when you begin to shoot cum. If you let a partner bring you to completion, you may not be able to control where your ejaculate travels.
  4. Practice your aim to achieve better distance and accuracy. Part of the fun of learning how to shoot cum is practicing to gain the ability to shoot your cum further and hit your target better. Only by repeating the experience enough will you learn how to project your load onto its target, and only then will you get better at achieving this goal.

Experiment with different methods and stimuli for bringing yourself to completion. Be careful to not to shoot cum into your partner's eye, as this can cause painful irritation. Always protect against the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

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