How To Shoot Dice

Learning how to shoot dice is very easy.  Once you have shot dice a few times you will be able to quickly decide which shooting method you prefer and which one seems to work in your favor. This article will show you how to shoot dice correctly.

To shoot dice, you will need:

  • a pair of dice with the number 1 through 6
  • a shooting table or flat surface with a back wall
  1. Set up the dice. In order to shoot dice correctly you will need to first stack the dice on top of each other. Form a letter "V" using the number three on each die.
  2. Grab the dice.  The most common way to grab the stacked dice is to grab it with your thumb and index finger. Some people find it more comfortable to grab it with their thumb and middle finger. Both ways are acceptable.
  3. Shoot the dice. Learning how to shoot dice is all about the throw. There are many ways to throw the dice. Choose a way that feels the most natural and comfortable for you. The easiest way to shoot the dice is to hold them in your closed hand with your knuckles facing down. Make a forward motion with your arm and allow your hand to open which will release the dice across the table. Be sure to keep your hands close to the table to prevent the dice from falling off. Another way to shoot the dice is to hold the dice in your hands with your knuckles facing upward. Release the dice as you extend your arm outward.



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