How to Shoot a Fadeaway in Basketball

If you want to learn a very effective post move, learning how to shoot a fadeaway in basketball can do just that.  The fadeaway is one shot that is extremely difficult to block, allowing you to use this move if you can perform it well.  Take the time to work on these steps and areas of emphasis.

  1. Prepare for the fadeaway in the post.  Receive the ball in the post.  You may prefer to face up your man, although you will want to perform the fadeaway either facing or with your back to the basket.  Also, fake driving to the basket with a step to give yourself more room.
  2. Lean off of the rear foot to start the shot.  You want to put your weight on the back foot to start the shot.  Begin fading away from the basket and leaning back.
  3. Alternatively, jump away from the basket.  The fadeaway can also be performed by jumping instead of leaning. Jump away from the basket in order to perform this version of the fadeaway.
  4. Put more power into the shot.  As you are fading away from the basket, you must put more power into the shot to make up for this.  Make sure you work on developing more power in the shot.  Additionally, a higher arc on the shot can be another way to make up for the difference in distance from a normal shot.  Once you become accustomed to the difference in power for the fadeaway, you will be able to naturally perform the fadeaway and the normal jump shot.
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