How To Shoot Fast In Call Of Duty 4

"Call of Duty 4" is a continuation of the popular first-person shooter game, which is probably why you want to learn about how to shoot fast in Call of Duty 4. One of the main features of the game is its online mode in which players are able to face off against other players from around the world in order to determine which player is best in shooting. However, because of how many good players there are in the world, this can be a dicey practice. Luckily, there is a way for players to get a certain edge over other players from around the world. This is done by shooting faster than they are able to. To do this, there are a few simple things that players can try.             

  1. Place your middle finger on the trigger while your index finger of the other hand is on the aiming stick. Your middle finger has less resistance and will be able to press down faster to shoot while your index finger is more coordinated, allowing your aim to be steady. This is the old fashioned way to shoot fast in "Call of Duty 4."
  2. Pull the trigger button closer to the top of the trigger. The trigger is sensitive and will require very little persuasion to fire off a bullet. In doing this, you minimize your recoil time while maximizing your speed in firing off bullets to shoot.
  3. Purchase a moded controller from a video game store. These are controllers that allow players to take advantage of games like "Call of Duty 4" and fire much faster than they should be able to. Moded controllers are widely considered cheating, but are the most effective in firing fast.
  4. Some techniques are frowned upon while others are applauded. In any case, if a player wants to get an edge in this highly competitive shooting game, they will need to be faster to shoot than the other guy. 
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