How To Shoot Jump Shots Like Kobe

Learning how to shoot jump shots like Kobe can be an amazing task. This may not be one of the hardest things that you have ever learned but it can be done. Kobe is the best at what he does a lot because he has a large amount of natural talent, but he also practices. From day in to day out this man gives every jump shot his all, and this is the type of drive you will need to be able to shot jump shots like Kobe. Here are a few strategies that will help you to begin shooting jump shots like Kobe.

  1. Make sure that your feet are lined up properly. Your feet should be spaced apart so that there is an equal amount of weight throughout all of the points in your feet and toes. 
  2. Hold the ball like you are about to release it from your hand. Shooting a proper jump shot is all in the wrist and knees. When you actually release the ball from your hands, your hands should follow. In addition, shooting a jump shot is similar to flicking your wrist. Let go of the ball in the same type of motion that you use to flick your wrists.
  3. Bend your knees. As you are about to jump up for the shot bend your knees so that all of your weight is located below your knees. This will help give you enough energy and momentum to jump high enough for the jump shot. In many pictures and videos, Kobe gets a tremendous amount of air as he goes in for his jump shots.  
  4. Jump up not forward. One of the most common mistakes that people make when attempting a jump shot is jumping forward. There is no need for you to jump forward and this will most likely hurt your chances of actually making the shot. Your hands should be the ones to follow the ball and not your whole entire body.
  5. Practice. If you do not make your first jump shot then this does not mean you should give up. Just follow these strategies and try again. There is no way that Kobe got where is today by only trying it once.
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