How to Shoot a Lay Up in Basketball

Need to know how to shoot a layup in basketball? The layup is the most basic shot in basketball and is usually the first shot taught to budding superstars on the kiddie courts. A layup does not resemble other shots in basketball, which are typically performed by jumping off of both feet. A layup is shot by jumping off of one foot while a player is moving towards the basket.

To shoot a layup in basketball, you will need:

  • A regulation basketball
  • A regulation basketball hoop
  1. To shoot a layup in basketball, start dribbling on the right side of the court beyond the three-point line. While you can technically shoot a layup without dribbling, it is best to practice dribbling as it is a much more common and useful skill.
  2. Pick up your dribble when you are two steps away from the basket, or midway between the three-point line and the hoop. You are allowed two continuous steps toward the basket before you shoot your layup. You are only allowed these two steps if you jump off of one foot.
  3. Plant your left foot and swing your right knee up as you elevate toward the rim. Swinging your opposite leg up will give you momentum and help you elevate past your opponent.
  4. Use your left arm as an arm guard to hold off the defender. Do not swing your arm out or shove the defender. Just keep your left arm bent at a 90 degree angle straight out from your shoulder. This is completely legal and will help you keep your shot from being swatted into the third row of the bleachers.
  5. Extend the ball up towards the basket with your right hand. Your right hand should be significantly higher than your left side thanks to the momentum of bringing your right leg up.
  6. Aim for the top right corner of the red square on the backboard. By banking the ball off of the top right corner of the square you will almost guarantee a successful layup. Put the ball off the backboard softly.
  7. Flick your wrist. The actual shooting motion of a layup is all in the wrist. Just flick the ball off of your fingertips with a quick motion. There will be just enough backspin to kiss the ball off of the backboard and through the net. Repeat the above steps on the left side of the basket with your left hand.
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