How To Shoot Like Lebron James

Lebron James one of the top NBA stars in the league, so it is no surprise that people want to learn how to shoot like Lebron James. Time and time again Lebron shows that he has nerves that can get the best of him. Whether you have a nail-biting habit like Lebron James, or just aren’t that good at basketball you can still overcome those obstacles, and learn how to shoot like The King. Here are a few steps that will get you that much to closer to shooting like Lebron James.

To learn how to shoot like Lebron James, you will need:
  • A basketball
  • A basketball hoop
  1. Figuring out what works. Like a majority of the guys in the NBA, Lebron has height on his side. Being above average height helps when you are trying to nail those difficult to hit shots. But height isn’t everything, figuring what works for you is. You can be average height and still knock down three pointers, look at Spud Webb, one of the greatest NBA players.
  2. Believe in yourself. Everyone has those days where they think that they aren’t capable of doing something, but the key to success is to always believe in your self. Even when no one believes in you have to retain a certain amount of confidence.
  3. Speaking of confidence. If you are confident in the shot that you are throwing up, then there is a higher chance that it will go in. Just don’t shoot a basket because you have to do it. Shoot it because you want to. Lebron doesn't walk onto to the court thinking, “Oh man, I hope this goes in.” The King is more like, “This is going in.”
  4. Get comfortable. Everyone holds the basketball a little different and shoots a little different. What works for Lebron probably will not work for you. If you find a form that you are comfortable in shooting with, then you can still shoot like Lebron, make 3 pointers, and hook shots. Just don't force yourself to use a certain form because Lebron uses it. If you are uncomfortable when shooting, you will probably end up missing more shots than you did before you read this how to article. 
  5. Follow through. The key to Lebron’s shots is that he follows through with them. If you are going to shoot, then go all the way with it. Make sure even after the ball leaves your hands, your hands are still continuing in that same motion. Follow through also means that you should not halfass your shots. It is true that not everyone is getting paid millions for their shots, but Lebron did not start off getting paid millions either.
Now take these steps, and follow them to see if you can shoot like Lebron. Remember that everything takes practice. You probably will not be shooting like Lebron by tomorrow morning. But maybe in a couple of months, you'll be confident enough to challenge Lebron James to a shoot out.
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