How To Shoot A Pull Up Jump Shot

If you are looking to improve your basketball skills, then you should learn how to shoot a pull up jump shot.  It is one of the hardest shots to defend and will give you another weapon to help you score during a game.  The pull up jump shot is not an easy shot to execute because it requires a bit of deception to be able to make it over the defender.

  1. Dribble up court.  You want to dribble the ball up court keeping yourself low. Always have your head forward and dribble quickly shielding the ball.
  2. Deceive.  Make your defender think you are going to beat him by driving by him.  Take a quick step or two to make the defender play on his heels.
  3. Stop.  Stop your dribble and let the defender over commit.  If he hasn’t then, it is time to find a pass to make.  If he has, it is time for the next step.
  4. Pull up.  If there is the separation between you and the defender, it is time to pull up.  Remember when taking a pull up jump shot, you want to have proper form just like if you were taking a free jump shot unguarded.

Now you have another offensive weapon that will make you more of a complete player.  The pull up jump shot is one of the best offensive moves because you can make a shot where it does not appear that you have one.

Tip: It will take plenty of time and practice before truly having the pull up jump shot down.  You should first start to practice it by yourself to get the fundamentals of the shot before you have a defender on you or before trying to use the pull up jump shot in a game.


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