How to Shoot a Reverse Lay Up in Basketball

A reverse lay up isn't a difficult shot and learning how to shoot one is a must for any basketball player. This shot is similar to that of a regular lay up with the exception that you will not shoot the ball straight on at the basket, but instead dribble completely under the basket and shoot the ball up over your shoulder. 

To shoot a reverse lay up you will need:

  • A basketball
  • A basket
  • Basic basketball skills
  1. A reverse lay up is a more advanced basketball skill and before you master it you must be able to shoot a regular lay up. Remember that when you shoot a lay up, say a right handed one, you will shoot the ball with only your right hand and jump off of your left foot. You will shoot the ball on the right side of the basket.
  2. Now that you know how to shoot a regular lay up it is time to move on to the reverse lay up. If you are on the right side of the court you will still shoot the ball with your right hand and jump off of your left foot. Instead of shooting the ball on the right side of the basket you will dribble completely under the basket.  Now you will take the ball in your right hand and scoop it (so your palm is face up and the ball is resting on it). Next you will look at your target and flip it up at the basket. You will be banking the ball off of the left side of the basket. 
  3. Finally you need to practice, practice, practice. That is the only way you will be able make a reverse lay up consistently is if you work on it over and over again.
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