How To Shoot A Revolver

Want to learn how to shoot a revolver? Revolvers are reliable, accurate and simple to operate. Therefore learning how to shoot a revolver isn’t hard. In fact, shooting a revolver is easier than you think. Unlike a semi-automatic handgun, there is no magazine to insert and no slide to manipulate. A revolver is a true point and shoot weapon. Within a few practice sessions you will learn how to shoot your revolver safely and accurately.

To learn how to shoot a revolver, you will need:

  • An unloaded revolver
  • A quiet room
  • A computer with internet access
  • ammunition
  1. Verify the revolver is unloaded. With your finger away from the trigger, release the cylinder which holds the cartridges and verify that all chambers are empty. Then, to be sure, point the barrel up in a safe direction and push the ejector rod twice. Hold the cylinder against a light source to see that it is indeed empty.
  2. Get into a quiet room. Find a safe location to point your revolver during training. Always point the revolver in that safe direction. Treat this gun as if it was loaded. Never point it at yourself.
  3. Grip the handle. Grip the handle with one hand and then wrap the other hand around it. Get a feel for the balance of the revolver. Point it forward and maintain a good grip. Lift the revolver into your line of sight with both arms stretched forward. Apply good pressure to the grip. The revolver needs to stay firm but not shake in your hands.
  4. Work the trigger. Maintain your grip and pull the trigger. In double action the revolver trigger will be heavy. Keep pressure on the trigger while assuring that the revolver is firm and does not shake. When the hammer drops don’t let your finger off. Slowly release the trigger, with your finger on it, until it goes back to the starting point. Repeat this again and again. Controlling a heavy revolver trigger takes time but it is critical.
  5. Focus on sights. Focus on your revolver’s front sight. It is large and easy to see. Maintain focus on the front sight, with the revolver aimed in a safe direction and only then pull the trigger. The front sight will jump up. It is expected. It is natural. Focus on the front sight and keep pulling the trigger without losing focus. Practice until the sight doesn't move much and then repeat.
  6. Practice a few times a week. This takes time. It may not seem exciting or fun but this is the secret to learning how to shoot a revolver well. The more you practice this, prior to going to the range, the better you will shoot. Keep at this and you will surprise yourself at the range.
  7. Research practice ammunition. Search for ammunition that will produce minimal recoil. Target loads have less powder and less recoil. Learn the basics and build good shooting habits before upgrading to self-defense ammunition. Don’t worry, paper targets don’t shoot back. Remember that you are still learning how to shoot your revolver. When your marksmanship improves, gradually increase the potency of the ammunition until you use self-defense loads.
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