How To Shoot A Rifle Accurately

Rifles are powerful and precise, so if you like guns, learn how to shoot a rifle accurately. To shoot a rifle accurately you need to control different forces, from the weight of the rifle to the recoil a shot produces and do so consistently. This isn’t as hard at all. Rifles are fairly easy to shoot and you’ll be able to shoot a rifle accurately by following a few simple rules. 


  1. Solid stance. Get into the prone position. Set a shooting mat on the ground and lay on it. Keep your body straight.
  2. Align shooting hand. Place the rifle’s stock firmly into your shoulder.  A good trick is to hold your arm out, place the rifle into the shoulder and then bring the arm back in. When your arm comes back, you will feel the rifle’s stock dig into your shoulder. This will help you shoot more accurately. Fold the arm and place the elbow on the ground to give you support. Your hand now has easy access to the trigger. Keep your finger off the trigger
  3. Align support hand. Reach out and place your hand on the hand guard, just before the barrel. Make sure your hand does not touch the barrel. Fold your arm and use your elbow for support. This hand acts as your bi-pod and must be still and stable.
  4. Set lower body. Stretch your legs back and at a slight angle. Fold one leg slightly inward. Your legs will complete your platform. If shooting a hi-caliber rifle, dig your toes into the ground and push slightly forward.
  5. Scope image. Place the cross hairs on the target. Notice how the sight image gently rises and falls. That’s you inhaling and exhaling. Hold your breath for a moment and remember the sight picture.
  6. Trigger control. Use the first joint on your finger to connect with the trigger. You must gently squeeze the trigger. Apply even and smooth pressure to the middle of the trigger. Maintain pressure until the shot breaks. This is the key to shooting a rifle accurately and must be done slowly.
  7. Follow-through. Remain still for a moment. Don’t move the barrel or the trigger. This aids in consistency and assists with your next accurate rifle shot.
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