How To Shoot Sharp Images With Long Lenses

Learn about how to shoot sharp images with long lenses to improve your photography skills. Depending on the focal length of your lens, you may experience difficulty getting sharp crisp pictures from your digital camera.  Long lenses may help you get a shot which is physically out of reach, however they can be tricky to use.  Long lenses compress images (lack of depth of field), and the magnification factor will also exacerbate any sort of camera shake as well.

  1. Use a tripod.  Although your camera and or lens may come with image stabilization features it is still important to use a tripod to get sharper images.  Extremely long lenses will usually have a mount right on the lens.  In this case, the long lens is mounted to the camera (instead of mounting the camera body to the tripod).  You can also use a monopod as well, if you are seeking greater portability.  By stabilizing the camera, you will eliminate most of your issues.
  2. Use a remote trigger.  Remote triggers can eliminate any shake from your hand touching the camera body, allowing for sharper images.
  3. Adjust your autofocus points.  If you are still having issues, you may want to adjust your auto focus settings.  Depending on your camera model (refer to your manual), you can change the camera focus styles on your long lens. If that does not work, you may have to resort to using the manual focus option.  Certain types of images with low contrast will often confuse the automatic focus mechanisms on digital cameras. 

Following the above steps will ensure that you will always shoot sharp, crisp pictures with your long camera lens.



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