How to Shoot a Sky Hook Shot in Basketball

Learning how to shoot a sky hook shot in basketball can give you a powerful low post move.  It is extremely difficult to block and thus defend, which makes it very powerful.  Learn the steps to the sky hook to become comfortable with this dominant move.

  1. Prepare to align your outside hand to the basket.  At the time of release you want your shooting hand (on the outside) to line up with the basket, so that both shoulders line up to it as well.  When you get ready to make your move, you should be aware of where you will shoot the ball in order to align yourself correctly.
  2. Proper footwork is important.  The footwork for the sky hook is similar to that of a layup.  You will want to release the ball while you release off of your other foot (the opposite foot for the hand you are using).  Similar to the layup, you will want to have a similar step and gathering of the ball as well.
  3. Extend high in the air with your shooting hand.  The sky hook extends the shooting hand first away from the body and the basket.  That is, the range of motion for the shooting arm and hand is from away from your body towards the basket.  As your hand reaches higher in the air towards the basket, release the ball at the height of its motion to finish the sky hook.
  4. Follow through.  As in all shooting motions, the follow through is important.  Follow through towards the basket.



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