How To Shoot A Sniper Rifle

Learning how to shoot a sniper rifle isn't hard but takes focus and attention to details. Sniper rifles are powerful, potent and require extra care. Be sure to obey all safety rules and always be sure of your target and what's behind it. Shooting a sniper rifle is very rewarding and with practice you'll impress your shooting mates and even yourself.

  1. Prepare the rifle for range trip. Verify the rifle is unloaded. Be sure your sniper rifle is properly lubricated. Run a cleaning rod with a clean patch to be sure the barrel is in optimal state .Wipe off any excess oil. Make sure the bi-pod is folded and locked in position. Pack the rifle and take care not to damage the scope.
  2. Prepare your shooting spot. Place your shooting mattress on the ground. Unpack the sniper rifle. Open and extend the bi-pod and place the rifle on the mattress, pointing down range with the bolt open. Set your ammunition next to the rifle. Set your spotting scope next to the mattress.
  3. Get into shooting stance. Get on your shooting mattress. Get into the prone position. With your finger off the delicate trigger, load ammunition into the sniper rifle. Keep your finger of the trigger guard at all times.
  4. Get on target. Get the target into your sights. With your finger out of the trigger guard, place the center of the scope on the target and focus the image. Notice how the center of the scope moves up and down with your breathing.
  5. Adjust your breathing rhythm. Get into a breathing rhythm. Learn to hold your breath when the center of the scope is aligned with the center of the target. To shoot a sniper rifle well, you will need to get this done right and with perfect timing.
  6. Trigger control. Disengage the safety. Place the first pad of your finger on the trigger. When your pause your breath slowly pull the trigger back, with equal force until the shot breaks. To shoot your sniper rifle effectively, you'll need to pull the trigger gently without moving your perfect scope picture.
  7. Follow through. Stay on target for a few seconds. Exhale your breath. Place the safety back on again. Decide if you will shoot an additional shot.
  8. Verify hit. Use the spotting scope to asses the accuracy of your hit. Adjust scope as needed
  9. Unload rifle. Empty or remove the magazine. Open the bolt and verify rifle is empty. Point rifle on target and pull the trigger. Leave bolt open.
  10. Write key takeaways. Shooting a sniper rifle well takes time. You will make mistakes. Write down lessons after each practice session and review at home. Practice each area that needs additional work, for example trigger control and dry fire to correct mistakes. Every time you shoot your sniper rifle you will get better. For optimal results, practice at home and at the range at least once a month.
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