How To Shop With A Discover Card

Learning how to shop with a Discover card can make the entire shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Be sure that you have signed your name on the back of the card and always carry proper identification with you as well. Using this type of credit card saves time at checkout and helps you keep track of all the purchases you have made.

  1. Apply for a Discover card. If you don't already have one, you need to fill out an application and see if you are approved. Fill out a paper application or one online, entering in all of your contact information, your social security number and employment details. If you are approved, a Discover card will be sent to your home. 
  2. When you get the card, activate it . Call the number on the back and enter the card number. The company now knows that you have received the card and you are ready to use it.
  3. Before going to a store, make sure they accept Discover card. A store may have the logo on the door letting you know they will accept it, or you may need to ask a sales associate. You can also check online or call the store to make sure you can use the card there.
  4. When shopping in the store, present the card to the cashier. After you have made you selection, bring them up to the register. When the clerk give you the balance you owe, hand them the Discover card. He or she will swipe the card, return it to you and ask you to sign a copy of the receipt. This lets them know you authorized the purchase.
  5. Online, use your card to pay after selecting all of items you want to purchase. Shop until you have everything you need and check out. When you are asked to input credit card information, select the Discover card and enter in the numbers on the front of the card. You will also need to enter the expiration date, also found on the front, and the security number, (the last three numbers on the back).
  6. When the bill comes, you will be required to pay the minimum amount. To keep a good credit rating, be sure to pay the bill on time all the time. You can continue to pay until the balance is gone. Many times, shopping with a Discover card can earn you bonus points or miles to make using it worthwhile.



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