How To Shop At Goodwill

Since many people have fallen on tough financial times, more and more want to find out how to shop at Goodwill. Thankfully, Goodwill shopping no longer carries a stigma, so there is no need to feel ashamed while shopping. With all the great deals to be found, you'll wonder why you didn't start thrift shopping sooner.

  1. Find your local Goodwill If you want to know how to shop at Goodwill, you probably have a location in mind. If not, your phone book is a good place to look. If there are no listings for one in you phone book, or you don't have one, you can go to their website and enter your zip code. You wil get a list of all Goodwill store locations in your area, as well as donation centers and headquarters. Make sure you go to a store.
  2. Look Around. Once you have found a Goodwill in your area, it is time to shop. Since every Goodwill store has different items to offer, and very rarely has two of the same thing, it will likely take you a long time to explore everything your store has to offer. This is part of the fun of learning how to shop at Goodwill. Clothes will be on racks in the front of the store. One section will be for men, one for women, and another for children. Pants and shirts will be grouped together, as well.
  3. Examine clothing closely  Since most clothing at Goodwill has been worn before, you will have to examine everything you want to buy. Carefully look for stains, rips, and holes. Of course, if you are looking for work or project clothes, this step is not so important.
  4. Try things on. Even if you know your size, it is important to try everything on. Sizes can vary a lot by designer. Ask at the counter for the dressing rooms. Usually, you will have to get a key. Some stores, however, do not have doors that lock. In this case, you can just walk into one (be sure to knock first, to avoid an embarrassing situation).
  5. Pay. There will be a desk or counter up front with a cashier. This is where you take your things when you are ready to buy them. If the items do not have tags, you will be told the price. Some Goodwill stores do not accept personal checks. There will be a sign at the counter if they do not. Since most only accept one or two kinds of credit cards, it is best to pay with cash.
  6. Shop online.   If you can't get over the stigma of shopping second hand, there are no stores in your area, or you can't find what you are looking for, you can always shop online. Visit the online shopping site for goodwill. When you get to the site, you will have to register as a new user. Once you have registered and confirmed your email, you can search for something specific, or just browse the categories. It is an auction-style site, so you will have to be the winning bidder.

Now that you know how to shop at Goodwill, you can get great quality clothing and household items at incredible prices. Everyone will want to know where you make these great finds, but you don't have to let them in on your secret. We won't tell.


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