How To Shop At A Mall

Need to know how to shop at a mall? The shopping mall is like a whole other planet, a world that exists to rope you in and capture you in its clutches. Shopping at the mall can go one of two ways: for some it is a heavenly experience of browsing racks and making purchases, for others it is a one-way trip to the worst day of their lives. Today, we are going to add a third way to shop at a mall: a way for over-shoppers to spend less money, a way for the crazed and scared man to make it through the day, and ultimately a way for everyone to be happy, including your partner.

  1. Prepare in advance. Have an allotted amount of time you intend to spend at the mall and set an alarm on your watch or your phone to remind you as that time draws near. This will help if you have your significant other with you so you can plead leaving on grounds that you have another appointment.
  2. Have a price limit in mind. Before you go to the mall, calculate how much you intend to spend, and how much you can actually spend. It is a guarantee that you will end up purchasing something you hadn’t planned on, so know your limit before you head out the door.
  3. Make a list. One of the best ways for a man who dislikes shopping to make it out of the mall alive is to get in and get out. Know what you’re going in there for, go get it, then leave. Don’t make eye contact with anyone or anything. Know ahead of time what you're going in there for, then don’t even bother to look in any other stores.
  4. Park at the right door. Park as close as you can to the store you want to go in there for. The closer you are to the nearest exit, the less likely you are to be distracted by other stores and stop at more places than you had originally intended.
  5. Eat before you go. Unless you plan on spending the entire day at the mall, eat before you go. Walking around is tiring and you will want to stop and eat; if you do, then you will keep shopping after you eat to walk off the pounds of mall food. So, take care of the problem before it arises.
  6. Take only what you need. This rule applies especially where money is concerned. Don’t take any extra credit cards or cash, leave them at home. This will save you in the long run because you will be tempted if you know you have the means.
  7. It does not make you a girl to look at a map. If you can’t find the specific store you are after, look at the maps located sporadically throughout the mall. They are put there for a reason and it does not take away from your manly skills to look at a map or get directions.
  8. Know your girl’s intentions. If you are taking your partner with you, then know how she shops. Get in the mindset of saying, “Yeah, that looks good.” And remember that she will more than likely be picking out clothes for you, too. This is a girl’s way of gifting you with something and making sure you look good. Just remember, she won't make you buy anything, unless she thinks that she will be turned on by seeing you in a certain outfit, or by impressing you with something she is wearing.
  9. When in doubt, online counts. There are so called “shopping malls” online that give you the luxury of shopping for items online without having to go to the physical mall. They have all the same stores at the same prices or lower, just remember that the above rules still apply as far as getting in and getting out is concerned. Don’t overspend.
Following these simple steps allows for a pleasurable experience for everyone involved. If you don’t get stressed out and overwhelmed, then you are guaranteed success.
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