How To Shop Online With An American Express Gift Card

Surely someone is trying to figure out how to shop online with an American Express gift card. While the gift card can be somewhat like a debit card, it is not. There are still some special steps that must be taken in order to use it for online shopping.

  1. Know your balance. Never try to shop online with your American Express gift card without knowing how much you have. You will not be able to spend what is not there. If you try to make a purchase for more than you have, it will not go through. Your gift card should have a phone number located on it, where you can check the balance.
  2. Use your card as soon as possible. If you want to be able to shop online with your gift card, you must use it before it expires. The expiration should be located on the card. If the American Express gift card is expired, you will not be able to make purchases.
  3. Find online stores. An American Express gift card is somewhat like the credit card. It has a card number and expiration just the same. The card will be accepted any place that American Express is accepted. Just do your homework and find stores that take the card.
  4. Call to add your information to the card. Your American Express gift card could be rejected if you do not add your information to the account. Gift cards cannot be verified for purchases online. This is due to the fact that no name or address is registered to the card. If the merchant cannot verify this information, the purchase will be rejected. Call the number on the card and get your details added. This way you can use the gift card to shop on any online site where American Express is accepted.



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