How To Shop Target Sales

Ever wondered if you could learn how to shop Target sales? Have you ever seen those people who can go into a Target store and leave with a cart full of sale or clearance marked items? Target is a major retailer of supplies for home, garden, auto, personal products and clothing. If you need it, it's probably there. But wouldn't you like to get those products at lower than everyday store prices? It's always a benefit to shop Target sales to get the most bang for your buck. There isn't any particular secret when learning to shop Target sales for the best bargains, it's simply a matter of knowing what you are looking for, when to look for it and where to find it in the store for the best sale pricing.

What you will need to shop Target sales:

  • Sales ad
  • A list
  1. Look over the sales ad. The first thing to know when shopping Target sales is the website and paper ads are your friend. Each week a new ad is released and it is important to look it over carefully for the things that you need. Even if you don't get a newspaper, you can review the sales ad on the Target website.
  2. Be prepared. Shopping Target sales doesn't guarantee that you won't overspend if you aren't prepared for what you need. Make a list before leaving home and jot down the items you want to buy. Place a special mark next to those that you know for a fact are on sale.
  3. Look for items that are discontinued or revamped. When you are shopping and you notice an item has changed its labeling or look, go for the one that has the old label and check the price. Usually, when an item is updated or discontinued completely, the old items will be at a lower price. Just be sure to check the expiration dates on any perishable item.
  4. Shop the end caps. The isle end caps are a great location to look for lower prices when shopping Target sales and clearance items. Items that are marked down, clearance priced and few in number will be placed in these locations in the store.
  5. Ask for a rain check. The final important step when learning to shop Target sales is to ask for a rain check if it is out of stock. A rain check allows you to come back when the item that you wanted is in stock and purchase it at the sale price, even after the current promotion has ended. Rain checks do not apply to items that have been discontinued or that are on clearance.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Be sure to check for any time limits that might apply to rain checks.
  • Target sales items may have a limit on how many that you can buy at one time, so check the ad carefully before loading up the shopping cart.



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