How To Shop For Vintage Motocross Bikes

Need to know how to shop for vintage motocross bikes? If you are in the market for a vintage motocross bike, you may be confused on where to start or how to go about getting the best deal on a vintage bike. Well, take a look at the tips below for some pointers on shopping for vintage motocross bikes.

  1. Before buying a vintage bike, shop around online to compare prices. If you found a vintage motocross bike that you really like, you will definitely want to check and make sure you are getting a decent bargain before just purchasing it. Comparing prices and getting a good idea of what you should be spending on a certain bike can be accomplished quickly and easily online.
  2. Check auction sites online to see what particular vintage motocross bikes are fetching as far as price goes. Some sites may tell you what a vintage bike is worth, but they do not tell you what one will actually sell for. Sometimes vintage bikes are over-appraised, compared to what they will really fetch at an auction.
  3. Look around locally. Sometimes you can come across motocross bikes for sale right in your own neighborhood. Check antique and vintage shops; you never know what you may come across in an old shed, so ask around.
  4. Check local trade papers and newspapers. Usually in the cars and motorbikes section of local papers you will find others looking to sell their vintage motocross bikes. You will find a lot of available vintage bikes here, so be sure to check.
  5. Check local bike shops. Sometimes shop owners or employees know of other customers looking to sell a vintage motocross bike. Be sure to take advantage of your real life connections in your search!



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