How To Short Circuit Seiko Watch Battery

Need to know how to short circuit Seiko watch? We are assuming by short circuit you are referring to clearing a quartz watch, most often a digital quartz. This process is often something that needs to be done prior to replacing the battery in some quartz watches, but not all. That is what we will concern ourselves with here and discuss.

Items needed to clear a quartz Seiko watch:

  • Quartz Seiko watch
  • Case back wrench
  • Fine screw Drivers
  • Watch makers case knife
  • Metal tweezers
  • Pin punch

The process of clearing a digital quartz Seiko watch will go as follows:

  1. Remove case back. Use the appropriate tool and open the case back. Some cases will be press fit and use the watch makers case knife to open. Some case backs will use small screw drivers to remove a series of small screws. Some cases will have a series of small slots on the case back and will require the use of a case wrench to remove the back. Be very careful no to damage any gasket or it will need to be replaced to retain water resistance of the watch.
  2. Find "AC" button. The "AC "or "All Clear Circuit" button if the watch has one will be found on the back of the movement. It will usually be a small silver or gold dot marked "AC" or reset. In some cases it will be a small hole or plunger you depress with a pin punch.
  3. Clear watch memory. Look for and find the small gold or silver dot on the back of the Seiko watches movement. It will be marked "AC" if it exists. Use the metal tweezers and touch the "AC" button with one prong and the battery with the other. In some cases you just push in the plunger on the "AC" button. In the case of a plunger or hole press it with a pin punch.

You have successfully cleared your fine Seiko watch and are now ready to change the battery.



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