How To Shorten Casio G Shock Watch Bands

You just purchased a Casio watch and you want to know how to shorten a Casio G Shock watch band. Many watch bands come big with extra links. Some watches can fit so big that it cab be uncomfortable and irritating on your wrist. You will save money, time, and a lot of hassle by shortening the watch band yourself instead of bringing it to a Jeweler to do. You can easily remove some of the links from your Casio G Shock watch band to shorten it to fit comfortable on your wrist.

 To shorten Casio G Shock Watch band you need:

  • tiny screwdriver
  • push pin or paperclip
  1. Determine how many links you need to remove. Hold the Casio G Shock watch band around you wrist and measure the length of the watch that is comfortable. Decide how many links that you need to remove from the watch.
  2. Remove the pin form the clasp. On the left side of the watch is where you will remove the pin from the clasp. Remove the pin by using a push pin or paperclip and press it on the end of the clasp until the pin pops out.
  3. Remove the watch band links. Use a flat head screwdriver and apply pressure in the hole where the pin is located. Make sure that you secure the watch band in place while pushing down on the pin to remove it. Repeat this step with any additional links until the desired length is achieved on the Casio G Shock watch band. 
  4. Attach the remaining links and back in place. Put a pin back in the clasp to reattach it to the Casio G Shock watch band. Slide the pin back into place once the watch band is at its desired length.



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