How To Shorten Exhaust On A Motorcycle

Need to know how to shorten the exhaust on a motorcycle? In this tutorial, we're going to be telling you how to shorten a motorcycle's stock exhaust. This tutorial works well for aftermarket exhausts as well. In fact, shortening aftermarket exhausts may even be easier than shortening stock exhausts!

To shorten the exhaust on a motorcycle, you will need:

  • A chop saw with a metal-cutting blade
  • A drill and drill set
  • Face and body protection
  • Some sort of marking tool
  • A ruler
  1. Before you work on your motorcycle, make sure you are prepared. Make sure you have all of the supplies listed above. Next, put on your face and body protection. You are now prepared to shorten your motorcycle's exhaust.
  2. Pre-cutting work. Take out the exhaust pipe. Now, take your drill and drill out the rivets of the end cap. Take off the end cap and set it down.
  3. Measure eight inches from the end of the end cap. Take your marking tool and mark at the eight-inch mark.
  4. Cut the pipe. Make sure that your chop saw is all prepared for cutting the pipe. Also, don't forget to wear eye protection of some sort. Now, cut the pipe with the chop saw at the mark that you made. If you cut far enough back, you should have cut the end baffle out.
  5. Line up the inner pipe, which comes out of the middle baffle, with the end cap by bending it into place. Slip the end cap back onto the newly cut pipe. Mark where you will drill the new holes for the rivets.
  6. Take off the end cap again. Drill out the marks for the new holes and set the end cap back onto the pipe. Put the rivets into the new holes that you drilled. Then put the pipe back onto the motorcycle and enjoy!
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