How To Shorten The Sleeves Of A Blazer Sport Coat

How to shorten the sleeves of a blazer sport coat is important because a great fitting sport coat makes a very good impression. The sleeves of a blazer sport coat can be easily altered providing you measure properly and also have the necessary supplies. If you don't have the necessary items needed for the alteration around the house, they can be easily purchased at your local fabric or craft store. Below are steps to shortening the sleeves of your blazer sport coat.

Things you will need:

  • blazer sport coat
  • measuring tape
  • tailors chalk
  • iron and press cloth
  • matching thread
  • scissors
  • needle
  • straight pins
  • seam ripper
  1. Remove the seam from the sleeves of the blazer sport coat by using a seam ripper. Iron lightly with steam and press the cloth to get the fold mark out.  
  2. Try the blazer sport coat on to determine how much you want to shorten the sleeves of the coat. Mark the area with tailors chalk where the sleeves end. Mark another line under the top line, about three fourths; that line will be your cutting line. Make sure to measure accurately.
  3. Be sure to leave one inch or more for the hem allowance. Cut the excess fabric from the sleeve of the sport coat off by making a straight cut with the scissors. Now fold the sleeves of the coat to hem. Iron the fold lightly and pin in place with stick pins.
  4. Sew the hem with needle and thread using a slip stitch on the coat sleeves. Next, cut the lining of the coat. The lining should be one inch shorter than the coat sleeve. Fold the lining of the coat.
  5. Sew the coat lining to the edge of the coat sleeve.


You don't want your coat sleeve to be too short or too long, because you'll be wearing a shirt with your coat.

If your sleeves are the right length, your dress shirt should never come more than a quarter to half inch below your blazer or suit coat. 



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