How To Shotgun A Beer Bottle

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to shotgun a beer bottle. This is a great trick to showcase at parties, or even at a bar!

  1. Use a bottle opener to remove the cap from a full bottle of cold beer. Next, obtain a straw that has a pre-made bend—if you aren't able to find a bendy straw, you can make your own by taking a lighter to a straight straw and melting the plastic approximately three inches from the end. Be very careful when doing this, as if you use too much heat you can melt straight through the straw, creating a large hole.
  2. If you are using a pre-bent straw, bend it so that the angle is a bit more than 90 degree. If you are making your own bendy straw using a lighter, once the straw has warmed to the point that it is bendable, bend it so that it is a bit more than 90 degrees. Place the straw into the beer bottle, with the bent part of the straw outside of the bottle.
  3. Place the neck of the straw in your mouth, with the opening pointing out of the corner of your mouth. Put your lips up to the opening of the bottle, and point the butt of the bottle directly into the air. Drink the beer as fast as possible.

    Place your mouth around the rim of the bottle, with the "neck" of the straw (which contains the bend) in your mouth, but the actual opening of the straw pointing out of the corner of your mouth. Point the beer into the air, and chug the beer as fast as possible. Placing the straw into the beer creates an air vent, which helps to make the beer flow faster and smoother. Enjoy!


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