How Should Chino Pants Fit Men?

How should chino pants fit men? They should fit men very well. There is nothing that looks better than a guy in a great fitting pair of chinos. The way the pants are designed emphasizes the hips, the round bottoms and the sexy legs of any guy. If you are shopping for a pair of chinos, it is important to make sure you get a pair that is fitted correctly so that you can show off your great shape. To achieve this, you should use a tape measure to get your exact measurements including the waistline, inseam and outer seam. It is also wise to check the measurement around the widest part of the buttocks to help choose a pair of chinos that will not be too tight around the bottom.

  1. Try on a pair that you think are your size. If the pants gap open at the back when you bend over or hang too low, they are not the right size. The best thing about chinos is the way they fit around the waist for a slender look. Try on several pairs if necessary to achieve the right fit, which is not too baggy or too tight. A nice fitting pair of chinos look perfectly natural and comfortable. Ask a friend to shop with you to get another opinion or ask a salesperson to help you find the right fit.
  2. Settle the waistband below your navel but above the low cut hip bones. These are not jailers or trips; they are fitted slacks that are casual and comfortable while still looking classy and sleek.
  3. Check the hemline and make sure that the bottom of the pant leg is not up to your knees when you sit or dragging the floor when you stand. Chinos should fall to the top of your shoes.

Once you've found the perfect fit for your chinos, pair them with a casual button down shirt to attract plenty of looks from interested women. If you've already got a woman, strip that shirt off and watch her try to keep her eyes off you. There's just something about the way chinos hug the waist and butt that makes women drool.

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