How Should Jeans Fit?

Ever look in a magazine, see a celebrity with the best looking jeans that you have ever seen, and ask yourself, "How should jeans fit?". They may have holes in the knees, and they may be a little baggy, but they always seem to fit the persons body. For the most part, celebrities achieve this look by having their stylist buy or handmake their clothes. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to have this done for them. In order to get a pair of jeans to fit good, there are certain questions that may need to be asked first.

First: How baggy/ fitted do you want the pants to be. Sometimes, men like to have the extra baggy jeans look, but sometimes if they are too baggy, it can seem as if you are flying away. But a pair of jeans that are too tight on a man may look very uncomfortable and in fact, may be hard to wear and move in. Women, for the most cases, like to have jeans that are fitted, but some make the mistake of having jeans that are too tight leading to great mishaps as fabric tearing and button popping.  When it comes to finding out how baggy or fitted you want the pants to be, there are several questions you may want to ask yourselves. If you want the pants to be baggy, make sure you can walk without having to constantly pick up your pants. Make sure that they don't drag on the floor to the point where you might trip. If you want to wear fitted jeans, make sure that you are able to bend and move freely and that its not cutting off blood circulation or air.

Second: How low/high should the jeans be? Sometimes people like to wear their pants low or wear jeans with a low cut, but please beware when wearing them. Like the ever so popular hip hugger, the top of the jeans may only be enough to cover your derriere and leave no room for movement. These types of jeans can lead to the unsightly plumbers crack, and if they are tight enough, most probably, the muffin top as well. Muffin top is when the abdominal fat spills over the top of the jeans, because they are too low and too tight. Then there are those people that like the high jeans, also referred to as "the Urkel" jeans. This style is mostly outdated and is basically only seen in very wide leg pants where the waist has some sort of design on them.

For the most part, good jeans should fit comfortably. It's not the brand or the color of the jeans that makes them great but the way you look in them that makes them look good. As long as you can sit, breath, and move in jeans without any pain or discomfort, those jeans will look great paired with a nice top.

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