How Should A Leather Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

Do you want to know how should a leather motorcycle jacket fit?  A jacket is one of the key pieces of equipment along with your helmet.  Its purpose is to keep you warm, yes, but also to protect you against scratches or cuts in the event that you fall off your motorcycle or hit something while you’re riding by.  How the jacket fits is key in whether or not your jacket is going to work when it comes time to protect you.  Read below to discover what to look for when fitting your motorcycle jacket.

The first thing you should remember when trying on your motorcycle jacket is that you will need to hunch over to approximate your body position when riding.  The fit hunched over and standing straight up will be vastly different, so remember to try it in all positions.  To accommodate this, you will need to look for a jacket that has a little extra room in the shoulders, is a touch longer in the sleeves, and comes to at least your hip bone so there won’t be a gap between the bottom of the jacket and your pants.  Make sure that there are plenty of tabs, and closures to be sure you can secure everything tightly and nothing is flapping around while you’re riding.  You’ll want to make sure your jacket is loose enough to fit a sweater underneath it in the cooler weather, but certainly no looser than that.  Your motorcycle jacket should fit you snuggly and not have too much space anywhere.

To protect you against falls off your bike, most motorcycle jackets are outfitted with some protective padding in the elbows and shoulders.  This could be actual padding or just some extra layers of fabric around those areas.  When you try your jacket on, make sure that the protective padding hits you in the correct spot, also make sure it doesn’t move around too much while you’re wearing the jacket.

The majority of motorcycle jackets you’ll find are leather.  While there are many more types of jackets today, leather is still the clear favorite.  Be sure your jacket has a thinsulate lining which will make it useable year round, as well as ventilation slits for the summer time.  Also, make sure your motorcycle jacket will make you visible if you’re riding at night.  Look for reflective piping on the sleeves of the jacket and/or the jackets logo to be made from reflective material. 

Motorcycling can be a fun activity and a great way to travel around, just be sure to put safety first!  Always wear a helmet and great fitting motorcycle jacket while you’re out hoggin’ around!

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