How Should Noahides Do Passover Seder

The Noahides should do Passover Seder by not doing a Passover Seder. The Ben Noach are required to abide by the seven laws handed down before Judaism was an established religion. The Noahides are not allowed to emulate any Jewish practices that are specific to the Jewish people. Nor are they allowed to create new non-secular holidays for themselves because that would be considered creating a new religion. There is a very fine line in emulating Jewish practices and remaining true to being a Noahide. There are ways that the Noahides can celebrate the same themes on Passover while remaining true to their beliefs. 

Passover is a long holiday commemorating the Jews' exodus from Egypt. Remembering slavery and bondage, as well as celebrating their freedom, are the key components for observing Passover. There are many rituals and traditions that are required in the observance of Passover, beginning with the removal of chametz. The reasoning behind the removal of chametz has to do with the Jews leaving Egypt in such a hurry that their bread had no chance to rise. This is a huge part of Passover as all bread type products must be removed from all Jewish homes. This is not required of the Noahides. These are specific Jewish customs, just like the Passover Seder. As a result, Noahides may not participate, but can create their own celebrations with similar themes.

There are things the Noahides may do in order to appreciate the spirit of Passover.

  1. Spring Cleaning. Everyone can do this and it’s a great way to get rid of things you no longer need. Go through every room in your house and determine whether you need it, love it, or use it. Donate all of the things you no longer need to an organization that helps other people grow. 
  2. A feast celebrating freedom. Each day of Passover, you could enjoy a special meal in the spirit of freedom. Pick a different group of people every day of Passover that has endured and overcome slavery. Celebrate them and toast the emancipation of slavery by having a feast in their honor. Educate your children on slavery in different parts of the world. Enjoy your freedom and commemorate everyone who has been enslaved in the past. Say thanks to God for freeing those who were once enslaved and ask God to help those who are still enslaved. 
  3. Coordinate an event to raise money for UNICEF. Many people remain slaves today and you can help them. Women and children have been huge targets for sex traders and laborers. 
  4. On the traditional Passover Seder night, have an extra big feast. Invite your friends and celebrate your own freedoms. Have each person in private write out a difficult experience in their personal lives that their faith has overcome. Burn them together and commemorate your new freedom from whatever has been standing in your way. Say a special thanks to God for freeing you from your own emotional bondage. Eat as much bread as you want. 


If you are a Noahide and really want to celebrate Jewish holidays, consider converting. Then you can suffer on Passover without carbs for eight whole days just like the Jews. It’s not an easy path, but if your heart desires it, consult with your local Orthodox Rabbi for guidance.



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