How Should A Sport Coat Fit?

Buying a sport coat is a great addition to your wardrobe, but how should a sport coat fit? Sport coats are sized by the chest measurement and it is rare to purchase one off the rack and have a perfect fit. It is best to get your measurement, purchase a sport coat of the rack and head to a reliable tailor for your alterations.

To properly fit your sport coat you will need:

  • A tape measure
  • A sport coat
  • A good tailor
  1. Have a friend help get your chest measurement to determine the ball park of the size you are looking for. Stand up straight and put your arms out to the side. The tape measure should wrap around you and the broadest point of your chest. The tape measure should be snug. Write down the number in inches and take it with you to the store. Your jacket size is usually two inches bigger than your chest measurement to give adequate room for movement.
  2. The length of the sport coat is determined by your height. The regular size ranges from 5’7” to 5’11”. Anything below 5’7” is considered a short and anything above 5’11” is considered long. 
  3. The sleeve length is most easily measured by putting the sport coat on and looking to see where the cuff rests. A sport coat cuff should end a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch before reaching your hand; this allows for a quarter to a half-inch of the shirt cuff to show.
  4. Head to a reliable tailor after you have made your purchase off the rack. He or she will be able to make any adjustments needed, such as sleeve length or taking in at the waist. Remember, it is very rare to buy a sport coat off the rack and have a perfect fit.

Now that you know how a sport coat should fit, head out and find one to add to your wardrobe. There are many patterns and fabrics to choose from, so be creative and get a versatile piece so you can wear it many times over. As with most things, you get what you pay for and buying a high quality, well-fitting sport coat will last you for years to come.

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