How Should Your Baseball Cleats Fit?

With many answers to the same question, salesmen and beginning players alike always find themselves faced with the question, "How should your baseball cleats fit?"  Of course, asking a question like that is like asking what color your hat should be, but there are some general guidelines to fitting your baseball cleats. 

Support The first thing you should check is how well the shoes support your foot.  Any athletic shoe needs to provide enough support for heavy physical activity without restricting movement too much.  Ankle support is the primary concern, as an injury to this critical joint can be very painful. That is why baseball cleats fit a bit tighter around the ankle than regular sneakers.

Snug The top of the the baseball cleats should fit snugly around your foot, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.  Often a new pair will feel nice in the store, but the material will stretch over time, making the shoe a bit too loose for effective support.  For this reason, buy shoes that are just a bit too snug in the store, and wear them for a couple of days before trying them out in a game. 

If you can, get your baseball cleats from a shoe store, or at least try the model you want in a store and order it online.  Every different brand of baseball cleat fits just a bit differently, and the differences can make or break a performance.  The bottom line is that every player is different, and every shoe is different, so try several pairs. Look for a good snug fit that isn't too tight across the top, and not too loose around the ankle.  After your third or fourth season of really paying attention to your feet, you'll have no trouble figuring out how your baseball cleats fit.






interview with Steve Valentine, my husband, who played competitive baseball for about 15 years through the end of high school. 

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