How To Show A Girl You Like Her

Learn about how to show a girl you like her if you want to be more than friends. You've got your eye on a special girl who makes you speechless, but need to know how to show her you like her. You may feel this girl is a little out of your league and that you don’t have a chance; don’t sell yourself short. Honesty goes a long way. Don’t try to bombard a girl with corny lines and sexual innuendo. Show a girl the real you, not who you think she wants you to be. If she sees you are sincere, your chances with her will increase.

  1. Body language says a lot. If you are near her, turn your body toward her. This will show a girl that you like what you see. Use your hands a lot to express what’s really on your mind. Caress your chin and slightly move your head up and down. Body language is a strong language that is spoken without a word being uttered. She will start to get the message loud and clear.

  2. Show eye contact. Connect with her using eye contact. Don’t stare at a girl; you might make her nervous and a little freaked-out; you won't get anywhere that way. When you catch her gaze, give her a little smile than look away. Do this a few times until you are ready to make your move.

  3. Make small talk with her. If a moment arises where you can break the ice with a girl, do so. Don’t come on too strong, but use that opportunity to introduce yourself. Try to get to know her and see where it takes you.

  4. Give her special attention. Let the other girls get jealous to see you focusing on just one girl. She will be smitten if you do nice things for her, like opening the door or giving her compliments. Girls like it when a guy is attentive. Just don’t allow your kindness to get taken for a ride.

  5. Show her a confident man. Don’t step to a girl all afraid like you don’t know what you are doing. She will sense that fear and one of two things could happen. She will blow you off or try to use you. Be sure of yourself when you approach a girl. Let her see a strong and confident guy, even if you are shaking in your boots.

  6. Don’t be afraid to ask her for a number. If you still like a girl after getting to know her a bit, ask for her phone number. Be subtle when you ask for the digits. Now, perhaps your stomach is still in knocks and you are too scared to ask; here is an easier way. Just slip the girl your number on a piece of paper. Don’t even give her a chance to react, give it to the girl as you walk away. If she calls great, if not her loss; move on to the next girl.

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