How To Show A Girl You Love Her

Do you think you know how to show a girl you love her? Girls need you to hear them, spend time with them, pay attention to them, and open up to them.  Work on these areas, and the girl you love will know just how you feel about her, with a certainty that goes beyond words.

  1. Listen to her. Devote all your attention to what she is saying to show a girl you love her. Really hear and weigh her ideas, thoughts, and concerns. Give feedback that lets her know you were listening. You'll know you are really listening when you aren't planning what to say next and your thoughts are solely about her.   
  2. Give her your time.  Make standing dates with her that nothing can disrupt. Clear your schedule when she needs you. It won't always be possible to drop everything, but gestures like this really show a girl you love her.   
  3. Give her your attention. Plan activities you know she'll enjoy. A girl feels loved when she knows you've noticed what she likes. It shows her you care enough to look past the surface of her life. Attention like this will make her feel like the most important person in the world.  
  4. Give her yourself. It can be hard to open up to a girl, especially when you care so much for her. There's so much to lose if she rejects you. The best way to show a girl you love her is to let her see who you really are. Let her into all parts of your life, both good and bad. Tell her the truth about your past, your faults, and your desires. Let her know how much she matters. Taking risks like these show a girl you love her, without a doubt. 



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