How To Shrink Clothing

If you want to know how to shrink clothing, then this article will be of great assistance. Many people are unaware of the exact mechanics behind shrinking clothing. If you're looking to deliberately shrink your clothing, then let the shrinking magic begin by following the simple guidelines below.

To shrink clothing, you will need:

  • A washer
  • A dryer
  • Cold and hot water
  1. The first step to shrinking clothing is identifying which type of clothing you wish to shrink. You can identify the fabric by looking at the tag inside the shirt. The tag will not only tell you how to wash and press the clothing, but also the type of fabric it is made out of. The most used fabrics to make clothing are silk, cotton, denim and polyester.
  2. Shrinking clothing made out of silk is an arduous task, as silk is not usually machine washed. However, it is not impossible to shrink clothing made of silk. You can hand wash it and let it air dry in the sun. After it is naturally dried, put it in the dryer for approximately five minutes on medium. Keep making frequent checks within the five minutes to get the size you want. Make sure you do not keep it in over five minutes unless you wish to shrink it to the size of a bathing suit!
  3. If you’ve got a longer pair of jeans and they keep sweeping the floor when you wear them, you don’t need to worry anymore. Just do as directed! Wash your jeans in cold water and spin dry them for longer than usual to bring the fabric and thread tighter and closer together. Then switch on the dryer and turn it to a low setting. Put your jeans in the dryer and let the warm air do its shrinking magic. This holds true for all clothing made out of denim.
  4. Shrinking clothing made out of cotton is an easy task. Wash your cotton clothing in hot water. Do not air dry or spin it; instead, after washing put it directly in the dryer, setting it on high. Your cotton clothing will shrink in a blink of an eye. Similarly, all clothing made out of polyester will take no time shrinking if placed in the dryer on high after washing it with cold water.
  5. Warm water leads to greater shrinkage. For wool fabrics, this rule is just perfect. Wash your wool clothing in warm water and then let it dry in the dryer on medium heat. Let it complete a few cycles in the dryer till you get the size you want.
  6. Make sure that when you shrink your clothing, you do not touch switches or any other wire with wet hands. Always wear rubber slippers when working with electrical appliances, as rubber is not a conductor of electricity. Work safe!
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