How To Shrink Jeans In The Dryer

If the new jeans you have just added to your wardrobe now seem too big, you may need to learn how to shrink jeans in the dryer. No matter if you accidently purchased the wrong size or received them as a gift, shrinking your jeans will help bring them down to a smaller size, fitting you more appropriately.

Things you'll need:

  • Dryer
  • Wet towels
  1. Remove your wallet, identification or anything that might potentially be ruined in the wash from the pockets of your jeans. Place them in a secure location.
  2. Turn the jeans inside out. This will prevent the color from running during the washing and drying process, thereby preventing premature wear of the jeans. This is especially important for jeans that are dark wash or have another specialty wash.
  3. Get the jeans wet. This can be done by simply throwing them into the bathtub and letting water run over them. If the jeans are dirty, they should be washed in the washing machine. However, if you are simply trying to shrink the jeans and not clean them, washing cause the color to run, resulting in the jeans wearing prematurely.
  4. Warm up the dryer. Run a set of wet bath towels through the dryer. This will ensure that the motor gets nice and hot, which is necessary to help you shrink your jeans.
  5. Finally, place the jeans (by themselves) into the dryer. Let the machine run its normal cycle. Check the jeans after they have completely dried. If the jeans are still not small enough, repeat the process starting from step two.
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