How To Shrink Men’s Polyester Pants

Learning how to shrink men's polyester pants saves you money on alterations. A pair of men's polyester pants that is a little too large all the way around can be shrunk without damage to the material by using your washing machine and dryer. A simple iron can be used to shrink areas of the pants that are the problem.

  1. Empty out your pockets. Things like markers and pens can ruin the pants if the items explode or leak in the laundry machines. Turn your pockets inside out to make sure the pockets are empty.
  2. Turn your pants inside out. Having your pants shrunk to the right fit won't be as satisfying if the color fades or steaks. Washing the pants inside out helps prevent color loss.
  3. Put the pants in your washing machine if the entire item is too big. Set the washer dial or buttons to the hottest temperature available. Wash the pants for one cycle. You do not need to add detergent unless you wish to do so.
  4. Put your pants in the dryer. Set the temperature on the dryer to the highest setting possible. Let the pants complete an entire cycle.
  5. Try your pants on. If you are happy with the fit, you're good to go. If not, repeat steps three and four an additional time for more shrinkage.
  6. Iron your pants if only certain areas are too big. Cover the pants with a wet towel. Use your iron on its highest setting and hold the iron on the towel over the parts of the pants you want to shrink for about two minutes each. Try the pants on. Put the pants in the dryer on the highest setting for fifteen minutes to set the shrunken areas.
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