How To Shrink A Pea Coat

Shrinking a pea coat can be done very easily since it is made out of wool. Wool is the easiest fabric to shrink. The delicate weave of the wool in your pea coat shrinks fast with a little water and a little heat.

What you need to shrink a pea coat:

  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Hose with a nozzle
  • Sunshine
  • Hair dryer
  1. You want to make sure to shrink your pea coat without twisting the fabric. The best way to accomplish this is to hang the pea coat on a coat hanger. Hanging up your pea coat will keep you from having to touch the material. Any slight agitation to wool will make it twist and loose its shape. You can hang the pea coat in a doorway or on a clothesline outside.
  2. Use a spray bottle to shrink the pea coat. Fill up a spray bottle with water. Don't squirt, but spray the pea coat on both sides, front and back, to get it wet. The pea coat does not have to be soaked, just dampened will do the job. Keep in mind that the wetter the pea coat gets, the more the pea coat will shrink.
  3. Use a hose to get the pea coat wet. If you are outside, you can attach a nozzle to your hose to get the same effect as a spray bottle. Set the nozzle to mist and turn on the hose slightly. While the pea coat is hanging, mist it until all areas of the coat are wet. Again, the pea coat only needs to be damp.
  4. Let the pea coat dry in the sunshine. If you are outside then let the sunshine finish the job for you. The final step to get you pea coat to shrink is all in the way you dry it. Heat naturally shrinks just about anything. The clothes dryer will absolutely ruin the pea coat! Let the sun dry your pea coat and after about thirty minutes to an hour you will have a shrunken pea coat.
  5. Use a hair dryer to shrink the pea coat. If you have your pea coat hanging in a doorway of the house, using a hair dryer to shrink the pea coat will work well for you. Set the hair dryer on medium heat and use it like you would on your head. The hot air from the hair dryer will finish shrinking your pea coat.
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