How To Shrink Polyester Clothes

Want to know how to shrink polyester clothes so they fit better? This question may cross your mind if you have polyester clothing you want to shrink. However, you probably heard how difficult it is to shrink polyester because of its fibers. That's a misunderstanding because polyester is easy to shrink and doing so is not labor-intensive. With a few simple steps, you can have the fit you want with your favorite polyester outfit.

Things you need to shrink polyester clothes:

  • Polyester clothing
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Water
  1. Check the clothing label you want to shrink. It is important to make sure your fabric is made of polyester and not another type of fabric.
  2. Turn the clothing inside out. This keeps your clothing vibrant during the washing circle.
  3. Remove all objects from the clothing you want to shrink. You want to wash and dry the piece of clothing you want to shrink in the normal setting.
  4. Place your polyester clothing inside the washing machine. Set your washing machine temperature on the cold cycle. Using cold water ensures that your polyester clothing will shrink. Start the washing cycling. You can add laundry detergent, but it is not necessary since you already laundered the material earlier.
  5. Take your clothes out of the washing machine upon completion. Put the clothing in the clothes dryer. Turn the dryer on the highest heat setting and dry your clothing completely.
  6. Try on your polyester clothing. If the clothing is not at your desired size, wash and dry your clothing repeatedly. Do these steps repeatedly until you achieve the desired size.  

With time and practice, you will achieve the correct size you desire by shrinking your polyester clothes

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