How To Shrink Polyester Scarves

Polyester is a fabric which is very difficult to shrink and this article will focus on the ways and means on how to shrink polyester scarves. Polyester is a fabric which, because of its nature and content, does not shrink. However, by using a few steps, you could shrink your polyester scarf. The key to shrinking your polyester scarf would be to apply heat, whether from a washing machine, dryer or hot iron. Heat at the correct temperature is the answer to shrinking your polyester because heat tightens the weave of the scarf and causes it to shrink.

Things you'll need:

  • Washing machine
  • Clothes dryer
  • Hot clothes iron
  • Polyester scarves
  1. Soak and wash your polyester scarf in the washing machine at the highest heat setting. Fill up the washing machine with hot water. The temperature of water should be less than 230 degrees Fahrenheit, reason being that water which is hotter will cause the fabric to melt or make it tight and unusable. Let the scarves soak in the water for an hour. Set the washing machine on the highest heat setting and let the scarves go through the entire wash cycle.

  2. Place the scarves in the clothes dryer. After the scarves have been through the wash cycle, put them in the dryer set at the highest heat setting and run them through the entire dry cycle. To avoid melting the scarves in the dryer, ensure that it is set at a temperature not more than 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Repeat this cycle of alternating between wash and dry till the desired shrinkage is achieved. Washing and drying polyester scarves in optimum heat will cause them to shrink. Depending upon the level of shrinkage desired, you might need to repeat this cycle of alternating between washing and drying.

  4. Use an iron on the scarves to achieve the maximum shrinkage. After soaking and washing the scarves in the washing machine, use an iron to dry the scarves. Set the iron at maximum heat setting and try to dry the scarves. This will cause the polyester fabric to shrink. However, be careful that the setting is not so high that it causes the scarves to burn.

We know that heat is the key ingredient to shrink the polyester scarves, but be careful that the level of heat used, whether in the washer, in the dryer or on the iron is not so high that it causes the polyester fabric to melt or makes it so tight that renders it unusable for any further use.

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