How To Shrink Polyester Shirts

Want to learn how to shrink polyester shirts? If you have shirts made of polyester that are too large for you, whether you purchased them that way or they were a gift, you'll need to know how to shrink polyester. Read on for instruction on how to go about shrinking polyester shirts.

  1. Wash your shirt. In order to shrink polyester, which normally is resistant to shrinkage, you'll need to wash your garment at the highest temperature possible. On most washing machines, the settings are usually cold, warm, and hot. Put your shirt in the washer, turn the temperature setting to hot, and run it through the entire wash cycle. Only the hottest water can shrink clothing made of polyester.
  2. Dry the shirt. Next, you want to dry your polyester shirt on the highest setting possible on your dryer. This is usually High, with the other setting being Low and Medium. Set the dryer to High and put the shirt in the dryer.  Dry the shirt on high until it is thoroughly dry.
  3. Repeat the process.  You will likely have to run the polyester shirt through the washer and dryer two or three times until you have it small enough. Always use the hot water wash and dry it on the high setting.

Polyester is one of the harder materials to shrink. If you need to shrink a polyester shirt, you would wash the item in hot water. Next, you should dry it on the highest setting possible on the dryer. This will allow as much shrinkage of the shirt as possible.

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