How To Shrink Shoes

Regardless of what shoes are made out of, you can learn how to shrink shoes. All fabrics have the ability to shrink with one common denominator… heat. So, let’s learn how to shrink shoes.

What you need to shrink shoes:

  • Hot water
  • Sunshine
  • Hair dryer
  • Conditioner
  1. Get them wet to shrink shoes. You can do this with a spray bottle, a hose or a sink. Either way, you have to get them wet with hot water. If your shoes are leather or suede your best bet would be the spray bottle, but all other fabrics can be submerged with a hose or filling up the sink.
  2. Drying outside will shrink shoes. Mr. Sunshine is a great source of heat, especially for shrinking shoes. Drying shoes with heat forces the weave of the fabric to constrict, causing shrinkage. Place your shoes in direct sunlight and let them dry.
  3. Drying with a hair dryer will shrink shoes. If you live somewhere that the sun doesn’t shine much then you have other options such as the hair dryer to shrink your shoes. Put your shoes on a flat surface and grab a hair dryer. Put the dyer on low air, but with heat. Hold the hair dryer at least six inches from the shoes when drying. If you dry the shoes too fast or too close you may end up burning the fabric.
  4. Do not use a regular clothes dryer to shrink shoes. Using the dryer in your laundry room is the wrong way to dry your shoes. Your shoes will shrink, but the tumbling action will throw your shoes around and they will loose shape. This will also mess up the sole of your shoes. The only way you can dry your shoes this way is if you have a drying rack that can be placed in your dryer, and then the dryer should be set on the lowest heat.
  5. Condition them after you shrink shoes. Now that you have successfully shrunk your shoes you may have to condition them. Shoes made out of leather or suede will dry out and possibly crack with water and heat. You can purchase a conditioning kit for the material your shoes are made out of anywhere they sell leather and suede. It is not expensive at all, but very necessary. Read all directions carefully and condition your shoes. Congratulations! You have shrunk your shoes.
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