How To Shrink Wrap A Car

Learning how to shrink wrap a car is not hard. An excellent prank to play on a friend, you should always know that you can only do this to people who will be in good spirits about it, as some may get quite upset. Also, make sure that your victim does not have to urgently be somewhere in the time following your prank. The following is advice on how to shrink wrap a car. 

What you need: 

  • Shrink wrap (at least two packages for best results)
  • Victim's car
  1. First, make sure that your victim does not have somewhere to go to early after your night of pranking his car. Then, visit the supermarket, and buy a couple packages of shrink wrap. 
  2. Then, pull the roll of wrap out of the package. Stick some of it around the front corner of the car, and then walk back and around the back side, pulling the wrap tightly.
  3. Make your way around the car several times, and each time, vary the height of the wrap on the car. For best results, wrap low at some spots, covering the tires and the bottoms of the doors, and high at others, going past the windows and up over the roof. If you want, change it up a little by cutting the wrap (or pulling it to break it) and starting on the roof, going down the side, tossing the roll under the car, and pulling it up the other side. This will make it much harder to remove.
  4. With some wrap, begin going in the opposite direction. If you are using two rolls, use the second one to go, say, clockwise if your first roll was wrapped clockwise. Do this around the car's sides again (the wrap over the top takes longer, and should only be done a few times).
  5. Continue wrapping the car until you are out of wrap. Be sure to get some over the car's sides from top to bottom, so that virtually no spot is left unwrapped. Both windshields should be covered with wrap as well. Then, you are done, and you will need to find a place to witness the victim finding the predicament that you left his vehicle in.

Learning how to shrink wrap a car is easy. All that you have to do to successfully play this prank is, as the name of the activity suggests, wrap a car with shrink wrap.

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