How To Shuffle Dance

So you've been online, you've seen the videos, you've heard the infectious music and now you want to learn how to shuffle dance. Shuffling is a dance commonly done to techno music and when done well it makes the dance appear to glide across the dance floor (like the moonwalk, but cooler). Keep reading to learn the three top steps and the best tips for shuffling.

  1. The Running Man Start with your right foot forward and your left foot back. Bring your left foot halfway up and then immediately do a small, low hop back with your right foot. Place your left foot down and at the same time slide your right foot back. Now repeat this step on the other side. Practice this step slowly at first so that you learn to do it right and don't learn bad habits.
  2. The "Shuffle" This side step is the core of shuffling, as you might guess from its name. There are two parts to this step: rotating on the ball and heel of one foot and kicking to the side with the other foot. Start with your left foot. Rotate on the ball of your left foot and twist your foot slightly to the outside. At the same time, raise your right leg. Then rotate towards the inside on the heel of your left foot and simultaneously kick your right foot out and down. Repeat this step three times on the left side and then go back on the right side.
  3. Spins The last step that you need to know to shuffle is how to spin. Spinning is easy since you have one foot firmly planted to the ground while doing the side step. To turn this step into a spin, simply kick in a circle rather than in a straight line.


  • Transitions Practice transitioning between the running man, the shuffle side-step and spins. This will give you more control and creativity in your dance.
  • Style No two people shuffle in the same way, so try to develop your own unique style of shuffling. Experiment with different combinations and with different arm movements. You'll notice that the steps above say nothing about what to do with your arms, so try different motions and gestures and see what you like best.
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